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Painter Brushes II
Instructor: Maureen Eves-Lavis
Course Description

"It was hard and the lessons had a great deal of information. I liked having a large assignment rather than just one or two pictures. The exercises were challenging."

"Maureen is quite prompt in responding to questions and evaluating homework. She is very knowledgeable and was very helpful. I look forward to the next series of her classes on Painter."

Lynn Myers:
"Fantastic coverage of the corel painter brushes. You really got to "know" the brushes. Learned so much and had fun."

[Liked best:] "The complexity."

Kari Breed:
"I simply cannot believe the level of my improvement as I have gone through this class. There is also a diverse amount of learning, and it's really fun to locate strengths and preferences for different aspects of the program and styles, etc."

Joanne Johnson:
"I liked the completeness of the 2 classes (Painter Brushes 1 and now 2) in covering just about every brush In Painter and how to control each! I have learned so many things that, left to a manual or tutorials, I would never uncover. This is such a worthwhile course if you want to know exactly what is under the hood of painter and how to access it all and use it meaningfully."

[Liked best:] "The examples to show how the different media are used and the many tips. It was so interesting I lost track of time."

"I really cannot believe how much information this class gives. It is so worth the money!"

[Liked best:] "I had fun while learning more about a very complicated program."

Lynne Hoover:
"Great lessons, supportive and knowledgeable instructor."

Anna Plotkin:
[Liked best:] "I liked the clear instructions, lots of material covered. After this class I feel much more comfortable using Painter."

[Liked best:] "The best part is the clarity that Maureen uses to explain brushes and what their purpose is. It was nice to read through the lesson and feel like I understood what I was going to do."

[Liked best:] "It was all great."

[Liked best:] "[The] lessons are easy to understand, [the] teacher answers promptly your questions, and [there is] some flexibility for the exercices."

[Liked best:] "In-depth brush explorations."

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